Advisory Board: Hypersonic Strike Weapon Could Be Fielded By 2025

ISR aircraft said possible beyond 2035

The Air Force Scientific Advisory Board has expressed confidence in the service’s ability to field a tactical air-launched hypersonic strike weapon by 2025 and will recommend the Air Force prioritize the development of advanced seeker technology when it publishes its findings in 2015.

However, the board does not believe a hypersonic intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft is achievable until 2035 at the earliest.

The board, which was tasked by the Air Force to explore the technology readiness of hypersonic vehicles, this week published an abstract of its preliminary findings, which includes an early list of recommendations it expects to make on the subject. The document states that based on an assessment of the maturity of current technologies, and the Pentagon’s plan to further develop those technologies, many of the core subsystems needed to field a hypersonic weapon will be ready for demonstration by 2020.

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