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News writing samples by James Drew


Mater’s neonatal unit went into code yellow on Sunday as the treatment of legionella bacteria continues

THE clean-up of legionella bacteria around taps in an area used to monitor premature and sick babies is continuing at the Mater Mothers Hospital in Brisbane.

Over the weekend a code yellow internal emergency was declared on level six where the bacteria was located. It houses the Mater Health Services’ Neonatal Critical Care Unit (NCCU).

It is understood a code yellow can be called to coordinate the response to emergency situations which could impact the structure of a hospital or staff and patients.

Mater Public Affairs Manager Jacqueline Hayes said the code yellow was called to ensure treatment of the taps in the neonatal area went as smoothly as possible with minimal impact to patients and families.

“It ensures there is one person in command and there is a coordinated response from multiple teams across the organisation,” she said.

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– James Drew


Australian Navy diver serves his country in Afghanistan desert

THE deserts of Afghanistan are the last place you would expect to find a clearance diver from the Australian Navy, especially one who hails from Bribie Island.

But Leading Seaman Dale Johns is there, part of a Joint Task Group tasked with disarming and clearing improvised explosive (IED) and explosive ordnance (EOD) devices.

His group, Team 4, is a mix of Army, Navy and Air Force specialists who are attached to other units to help clear the way for vehicles and troops.

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– James Drew

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Church versus chocolate: the verdict this Easter

In the curious case of Jesus Christ versus chocolate, church leaders, chocolate retailers and the public have cast their judgment. The two can co-exist this Easter.

On Wednesday, we asked Facebook followers one simple question which had Moreton Bay raging: “Is Easter about church or chocolate?”

Most people found it difficult to decide, mostly choosing “church and family” or “church and chocolate”. Others were side-tracked slightly, claiming the holiday was more about “kids and fertility”, the “Babylonian goddess of war, love, fertility and sex”, “long weekends” or “prawns”.

Pastor Ross Wardill of Deception Bay Baptist Church took an impartial position, declaring church and chocolate could co-exist peacefully.

For Christians, Mr Wardill said Easter was a time to commemorate Christ’s crucifixion and subsequent resurrection but somewhere along the line chocolate Easter eggs, symbols of new life, got involved.

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