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Special Ops Wants to Add Laser Weapons to Its ‘Ghostrider’ Gunships

Plus a microwave energy gun

Much like the husky A-10 Warthog, the Air Force’s combat-chiseled AC-130 gunships can claim legendary status among soldiers, aviators, historians and politicians.

Steady-flying turboprop aircraft like the Spectre, Spooky and Stinger II gunships are continually on patrol around the globe, ready to rain down fiery spit and fury at a moment’s notice in support of American and coalition ground troops.

The flying branch is replacing the old gunships with a modern AC-130J named Ghostrider starting in 2018. This new version will have a 30-millimeter chain gun, 105-millimeter cannon and precision-strike missiles, making it one of the meanest killers on patrol.

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