War: What Is It Good For?

No nation would like to go into war if it could be avoided. Peace is highly valued and people love organized societies. Man is a rational being and as such would value peace by avoiding war at all costs. To most people, there is no good in war. Many people die in war and a lot of property is destroyed. This being the case what good can war bring? Contrary to the popular belief, war can sometimes be a good thing: it can be a means to an end. In the early 1900s, people believed that war was bad and agreed with Norma Angell when he said that the only way to achieve progress was by using an ideological approach. However, there has been a series of wars and the post war period has seen larger, organized, economically stable and peaceful nations emerge this was discussed in many essays about war that you can read by the link. This shows that war can actually be good which is the focus of this paper.

Some people flinch when the term war is mentioned. There is panic and fear amongst people and at all costs people would do anything to avoid going into war but war may at times be necessary. There is no fun in killing people in war and looting property. The moment a nation decides to go into war, it is usually to achieve a particular cause. This could be to protect its people from an enemy and maintain security on its boarders or to prevent an ill from happening. This is not to mean that the only solution to conflict is going into war! No and actually people who have known the effects of war treasure peace more.

War is a catalyst for change. People sacrifice their lives by going into war but this is what brings progress. After war, nations progress both economically and politically. This is evidenced by the great progress that the fields of medicine and technology have made in the face of war. In addition, it creates stronger and more organized societies. As a result of war people do not live in fear of one another but of the authorities that are above them which creates an organized society. The essence of authority is to quell violence using the same violence of the threat of violence.

If there was a better way of achieving peace and maintaining world order, then no one would result to war. Unfortunately, the fact is that is only through war that humans have been able to achieve this. If there was no terrorism threat and if there was no country dealing with the manufacture of nuclear weapons, then there would be no need of going into war. Unfortunately, people result to war to protect the world as well as the lives of people living in war torn countries.

Going into war means having an organized military ready to win the battle. The Veterans Day which most people think is a memorial day is meant to honor those who have served in war whether they are alive or dead. It is a day used to thank the military for their sacrifice in the service of the country. This is a day that reminds the nation that when war becomes necessary, there are men and women who will be ready to serve the nation to achieve its goal.

War is a necessary evil. Stronger and more organized nations have emerged as result war. If there was no intervention in form of war, the human race would have been wiped out during WWII. The only negative thing about war is that good people die. If war is fought within its confines, the world becomes a better place.

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