Inside the Air Force

James Andrew, a trained a journalist, has worked with the U.S Air force as their reporter.  He has written many articles whose content is based on thorough research, and all are related to the air force, the army, and the navy.  Using the skills he has gained from journalism, he has over the years mastered the art of writing informative pieces.

He extensively goes back in retrospect and digs deeper to the issues affecting the Army now and the army then. He has written articles for the military, air force and the navy in the USA. One article that he has written that dates from way back is that of the state of America during the Second World War. The Article; America in the World War, is one article that James looked at War in retrospect.

In as much as he writes about war, he is a strong advocate for a peaceful co-existence. In his articles, some of the messages that he passes across are that war is of no use, people should preferably live in peace than fight over something that will make them cause more harm than good.

He has written on the initiatives that are carried out by the army which is in his article dubbed; The US Army’s Employer Branding Initiative. Every new day is his energy is felt in the way he articulates, and they become better by day.